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About Us

eDoctor is the most innovative tele health education and training project in Pakistan launched as a joint venture by a Pakistani Educational Technology Investment Group Educast, which is a leading Virtual Training and TeleHealth platform under private public partnership mode with Dow University of Health Sciences

In 2013 before its launch the project has been already endorsed and supported by Federal Health Ministry, Govt of Sindh MNCH program, Pakistan Medical Association, and leading healthcare providing organizations.

A Women empowerment Led Healthcare Virtual Education Project for the empowerment of all such Lady Doctors who after their graduations due to Domestic or social issues decided to leave the medical profession and are currently sitting at their home.

From Dow University side, This project is headed by Prof Dr Zarnaz Wahid, Pro Vice Chancellor DUHS and Principal, Dow International Medical College, with Prof Dr Jehan Ara Hassan, Head of Obs & Gyane - DUHS.

From Educast side Project is locally spearhead by Ms Sania Butt a clinical Phycologist by profession,

The synopsis of the project is as under

This Educational Technology group, includes leading Pakistani technology team who have been striving their best to support Pakistani youth, especially home based educated women to empower them through ICT, so that they can not only become effective element of society, but also get financially empowered supporting their spouse.

In this act, this group has been actively working in training Women to become online home based tutors, as well as Quran Teachers for children of Saudi based Pakistani expat's sibblings.

In this effort a scenario was discovered that

  1. Govt of Pakistan spends substantial amount on getting a single Doctor graduate.( Rs 7.5.0 million per doctor for 5 year education and house job)
  2. Since last number of years the intake of Public and Private Medical Institutions in Pakistan has been more than 70% as Female Students
  3. After passing out 80% of these Female Doctors leave medical profession due to their domestic issues and family priorities
  4. Causing huge gap in demand of Female Medical officer in Country and also a great loss to Govt in form of the cost born to get them educated.
  5. A rough study by independent surveyors indicated in 1989 quota was abolished for Male: Female) admission in medical institutions) about 25,000 plus Graduate Female doctors opted not to join health profession.
  6. In earlier time it was not possible to get some-what incentives to get these people back in medical profession
  7. But with advent of Social media and its usage, with lowering the cost of high speed broadband, access to smart phones and possibility of global affordable connectivity it is now possible to get these Out of work doctors get updated with latest knowledge of health care in their field of interest, and also train them with latest ICT tools like Telemedicine and Mobile Health to enable them to provide basic healthcare advisory even from their home;
  8. Jointly the project is launched with following objectives
    1. To seek attention from all such Out of Work Female Doctors who are willing to take a Virtual /Online Certification program of 6 months enabling them to get updated knowledge in various fields under certification with 30 CME credit hours as “Family Medicine Certificate” ( initial program):
    2. To deliver lectures leading faculty has been assigned by DUHS academic team.

Educast Invested substantially in establishing Virtual Teaching platform, Call center and data center, through academic support a Multimedia Video recording and editing lab was established where to treat the recorded content before airing them.

Last year in April both organization termed it as eDoctor, launched it a pilot, resulting a huge response, enabling the sponsors to start the project with zeal.

During research, it was revealed that these 25,000 Home based lady doctors are based Pakistan, Middle East, North America. UK, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

eDoctor started its promotion and used social media to attract overseas Out of work house wives doctors.

The criteria for participation has been set as following:

  1. Must be a female MBBS
  2. Must have completed House job and a registration with PMDC (even if expired)
  3. Knowledge of Computers and Know how on basic IT tools and social media apps.
  4. Availability of Average Computer/Lap top with camera and Microphone in working condition

Before the start of their academic trainings, these Female doctors are given 15 days of Virtual /Online trainings at their home by our team, on how to use our application, how to use web portal based access.

Since start of this program earlier April last year, eDoctor are training till date 800 Female doctors Pakistan as well as from 24 International destinations.

Initiative of eDoctor which makes it different from any Online program in Pakistan,

The Home based out of work Lady doctors are not only refreshed academically, but also provided Hands on workshops at Campus of Dow University and also in a medical teaching institute from Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Also eDoctor has now started talking to Welfare attaches' in Pakistani Diplomatic missions and Pakistani associations to support these House wives cum eDoctors to make then attend the medical camps in their missions. This will provide confidence in overseas based Out of work Pakistani lady doctors.

Also for its Family Medicine certified eDoctors, new 3 month online certification on Therapeutics and Prescription writing has also been introduced in collaboration with Dow college of Pharmacy.

Plus eDoctors are trained on doing Live Video consultation with mock patients using Innovative Electronic Medical Record platform and video collaborative system.

Also the Phrama studying eDoctors are provided opportunity in Karachi for a 3 months clinical rotation in different wards under consultant to learn on how to treat under new guideline.

Soon to start eDoctor is also launching Virtual Online certification in Psychiatry and in OBGYN.

eDOCTOR is also working in creating its network associated with various healthcare provides.

In this aspect eDoctor has signed up an MOU with Pakistan's leading NGO HANDS ( , where as HANDS will promote eDoctor through its Donor and Public sector health ministry's network.

Also eDoctor has signed up MOU with Dow Graduate Association of North America ( DOGANA) for academic assistance by Dowite alumnae network currently working in leading North American medical institutes and Hospitals.