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 In 2017 EDUCAST targeting an opportunity of retraining the much needed female doctors, who had left profession due to their social and family compulsions. It made academic collaboration with leading Medical University in Sindh Province, Dow University of Health Sciences and Dow Graduate Association of North America ( DOGANA) and started online refresher medical education to the thousands of all such Pakistan female doctors, and launched eDoctor .


Using technology based education through Updated Medical Knowledge , these Out of work Home based Lady doctors will get back into main stream healthcare system, through use of TeleHealth and Home based Video consultation

eDoctor is creating a new paradigm shift in bringing back billions of rupees of government investments back into healthcare echo system

Till 2023 project eDoctor has created over 1200 Home based Lady Doctors already getting training, which amounts to millions of USD being too brought back in to the healthcare system of Pakistan, plus having ICT enabled Lady Doctors in and outside Pakistan.


Reviving thousands of female medical graduates currently sitting idle Using ed-tech tools sharpening their skills and revising their knowledge Empowering them by enabling them to open their own healthcare centers Creating the largest home-based female healthcare network Plus bringing back investment of billions that govt made into medical education.

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Dr Adeya Ahmed


I have been associated with edoctor and educast since thier first batch of family medicine and there has been no looking back. Doing courses from this platform gave me the push that I needed after a long career gap. I felt confident in treating patients after the refresher courses and now successfully working with another organisation as a full time GP.


The Family Medicine course in Pakistan provides a comprehensive and well-rounded education in primary healthcare. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from preventative medicine to acute care management. The program has a strong focus on community-based healthcare, emphasizing the importance of treating patients in their own environment.

The faculty is knowledgeable and dedicated, providing students with hands-on learning opportunities through clinical rotations. Overall, the program effectively prepares students for careers in family medicine, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care to patients. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in family medicine.

Dr.Heena Jillani

Dr Ayesha Manzoor


I an Dr Ayesha Manzoor. I am a graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 2005. I did my house job from Akuh. I cleared my part 1 in medicine and joined as resident in Family Medicine at Akuh. When I got married I decided to take a career break so that I could give time to my family. When I decided to pursue my career again, I was totally clueless.

I had no idea where to start.This is when I joined edoctors first batch in 2018.It was like a light at the end of a tunnel, It was like a God send!!It brought hope and confidence back into my life. It was an amazing experience. It refreshed my knowledge and gave me a platform to connect with other doctors who were trying to pursue their careers after a break. After doing this course there was no looking back. I did multiple other online courses. I volunteered with Educast in the treatment of corona patients in collaboration with the Sindh Government. Currently working in treatment of flood affected people in
Sindh .Educast and edoctors are like an extended family!!